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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 8, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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thanks to kat sims, pete, mark >> president trumps messaging on north korea after the president seems to hint that after failed the policy the only option left may be military intermission. hello and welcome to a brand-new hour. i myself. >> and good evening, i'm eric. as democrats are slamming the talks is dangerous and irresponsible other say it sends a blunt message. the former education secretary to president reagan he says he needs to be put on notice that the u.s. is serious.
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>> mattis needs to be say let's be calm and cool and listen to rex tillerson and let him work the back channels. the president seems to be the tough cop. i think donald trump's way of thinking he wants kim jong-un and the regime to think he means business. i business he means terrible business. unless they negotiate, something terrible will happen spee-01 here's what the president tweeted earlier. presidents and their administrations have been talking to north korea for 25 years. agreements made a massive amounts of money paid has not worked. agreements a violated before the ink was dry making fools of u.s. negotiators. sorry, but only one thing will work. of course, leaving us to guess what that is. but most people know what the president means. the escalating rhetoric, kim jong-un's showing no signs of backing down. jim is live at the white house.
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>> good evening too. the north korean dictator, kim jong-un once again seeking to project strength in the face of the president, sometimes a blunt comments. speaking in pyongyang his broadcast today he told the central committee of the ruling workers party that nuclear weapons are powerful deterrent to guarantee the north's sovereignty against what he called protracted nuclear threats from u.s. imperialists. he also claimed the country's economy is growing despite sanctions on the regime. president trump has engaged the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee, republican bob corker of tennessee and a twitter battle this morning. following, spike worker last week that the keeping the u.s. from chaos he claimed that senator corker beg for the president's endorsement. then opted when he didn't receive it to retire from the senate. didn't have the guts to run.
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corker said the white house is known adult day care center. the chairman said the president reached out last week to reconsider retiring. finally, the vice president of mrs. pants were back in the home state of indiana to attend the colts and 40 niners game. but they left the stadium abruptly when a number of the players knelt to protest racism during the playing of the national anthem. afterward he said he and the president quote will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, fly, or armor national anthem. a short time later president trump took to twitter to say i asked vice president to leave the stadium if any presen any pr kneels. i'm proud of him and the second lady.
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it raises the question of whether not given the subjection to the players taken any during the playing of the national anthem, this president and/or this vice president will ever again have the opportunity that they feel like they can safely attend an nfl game. spee-02 it's been one week since stephen paddock opened fire at a concert in las vegas killing 58 people and leaving hundreds wounded or injured. they're still trying to figure out why. >> we are join together in sadness, shocking grief. those we lost were taken before their time at their names and their stories will forever be etched into the hearts of the american people. >> arthel: dan is live with the latest, what can you tell us? >> we just got word that the federal police and fbi were out at the mesquite location, house
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that stephen paddock owns about 90 miles away from here. they're executing a federal search warrant. they have been through it already but went back there onward that there is something they needed to look for after the in interview with pat ex-girlfriend. what they took out of the house, we don't know. as far as the over all investigation you can see the crime take his up behind me. we have seen very little activity coming and going. there was a news conference this morning. please would not take questions on the investigation. they talked about the big job of trying to get the belongings left behind in the chaos back to people. 7 truckloads have been taken to family assistance center as the las vegas convention center. purses, cell phones, clothing, launchers, that kind of stuff. thousands of items have been catalogued and will be available in a couple of days.
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more and the elaborate planning, the gunman calculated distance from the concert venue, length of job from the third floor at the mandalay bay hotel. and the power of his rifles. that told him exactly where to aim to murder as many people as possible. the hotel is open except for the 32nd floor. not many guest inside. plenty of security guards throughout. please continue to look into stephen paddock. he was completely unremarkable. >> if there is anything interesting we discovered in the years of service and we had butlers and waiters and masseuses, people in the beauty shop that know this woman a man completely. they talk about normal monday things. >> reporter: we just got word that the city of lights will go dark for 11 minutes from temp.oh
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10.05 until 10.16. >> it should be a powerful 11 minutes. dance prayer, thank you very much. >> eric: after paddock use those gun stocks to make semiautomatic rifles, the accessories now taking stage in washington. in the contentious gun control debate on capitol hill. it seems lawmakers might be willing to compromise. >> reporter: most of congress agrees that something needs to be done about bump stocks. what needs to be done is still not agreed-upon. they device allowed him to take his guns into fully automatic guns. they're pushing to change
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regulations which currently allow the device to be sold. some democrats such as senator chris murphy argue that simply changing regulation while it's a good thing, is not enough. >> i'm willing to move forward with republicans on banning bump stocks. it's an important moment. the nra has never been willing to change u.s. gun laws. i think they see that they are likely going to lose this fight in congress. now they're trying to get it done through administrative action. >> this week they announced it supported the administration but along with many republicans the group says they created new laws altogether want to much good when the government isn't enforcing many gun laws that we already have .
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>> we don't believe that bands have ever worked on anything. what we set have been clear, if something transfers a semi automatic to functionally fully automatic it on to be regulated differently. >> on top of banning those nancy blows he is again pushing for universal background checks and she's been very open saying she hoped bump stocks will be the first step toward stricter gun control. >> arthel: almost 24 hours later, businesses and residents try to assess damage caused by hurricane nate that we can to a tropical depression. the storm laid man paul twice between last night and this morning as a category one. phil is life, are some of the casinos open for business again? >> reporter: absolutely. the hard rock hotel and casino guitars lit up and blinking, reopened about two hours ago. as hurricane nate made landfall came up fast, 85-mile an hour winds. it was the fastest moving storm,
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hurricane on record, averaging 20 miles per hour. that brought in a storm surge of about 6 feet along the resort road and that brought in floodwaters suddenly near midnight last night. that's emerged in multiple cars and trucks that were parked at the first level of the parking garage. david made it inside the hard rock which remains inoperable today. last night as the outer bands came through about 9:00 o'clock, the golf poured into biloxi and then close to midnight the i wall rain and wind bands punish the coastline, the storm surge splashed all over. that led to this morning people waking up finding plenty of debris to clean up. much of u.s. 60 that spans between black single part closed for stretches of miles as cars had to be detoured due to the
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sand that was covering the highway because the storm surge covered all lanes. over in alabama they also suffered a good amount of damage from the storm surge. was a fast-moving storm it was in fast and the damage was out fast. they also got about 6 feet and ten people had to be rescued from the houses. a small number of vehicles became submerged in those storm surge waters. in all hurricane nate killed nobody. no injuries, maybe hundred 60000 people in both states lost power. it's quickly been restored and here biloxi the casino basically had to close down saturday afternoon thanks to the gaming commission ordering them to do so. they're open right now .. to business trying to get back
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those tourism dollars when everybody evacuated. >> arthel: thank you. >> eric: one week after spanish police tried stopping hundreds of thousands hit the streets in barcelona today. they're calling for the opposite of last week's mass demonstrators. coming up were live in barcelona tonight with the latest developments. president trump warning that only one thing will work with north korea, and how washington is reacting between the president kim jong-un.
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>> arthel: present trump took to twitter with messaging aimed at north korea dictator, kim jong-un. the series of tweets he hinted that military action as mr. trump with little faith and diplomacy to resolve the showdown with the rogue regime. his cryptic messaging putting him at odds with his top advisers who favor a diplomatic solution. meanwhile the republican senator ron johnson saying that the only
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thing that would probably in the conflict is regime change. adding there is no viable military options. >> eventually a regime change because kim jong-un is all about this power and he thinks nuclear program combines with intercontinental ballistic missiles will guarantee that. there is no viable military option. it be horrific and i'll think anybody wants to contemplate that. we must get china to recognize and to be fully engaged. >> joining us now is judy miller, an adjunct fellow and a pulitzer prize winning author and journalist and a fox news contributor. it's good to have you here. so, it appears that no one seems to know exactly what president trump's intentions are or what is thinking is. i think this is all guestworker speculation. what could president trump mean, is it regime change? how may kim jong-un perceive
3:18 pm
these cryptic tweets? >> i think i felt like the present kim jong-un are equally unreadable. we do not know what either of them really has in mind. there is a conference at george washington university this past week where group of scholars and diplomats, officials got together to discuss what kim jong-un wants. the consensus if there was one, is that kim jong-un sees nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles like can hit san francisco as an insurance policy. the reason he is going to survive. therefore the consensus was they see him as rational and be in a rational decision. as for president trump, everyone would like regime change. the issue is, how does one accomplish that?
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the consensus among the advisors is that it cannot be accomplished through military options. the president has been presented with military options, but most of his advisors work that with 20000 use i u.s. troops in south korea, 200 30,000 americans who include many of the families of those troops, no military option would be able to inflict significant damage on north korea without also getting a lot of americans killed. >> let's take it from the perspective of the world stage. does this approach make president trump appear to a predictive on predictable of the new we're old? >> a lot of the allies see them as unpredictable and dangerous. it could very well be that the president has a point that when he says it 25 years of
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negotiating and threats, no one has gone through to the north korean regime, no has gotten them to abandon the nuclear weapons program. he could very well be playing backup but erratic crazy cop in order to persuade the chinese they simply must double down on sanctions and stop resources to kim jong-un's nuclear program. that's the charitable explanation. >> arthel: what is this due to secretary tillerson's status of respect and credibility? >> unfortunately tends to undermine that. it seems as if the president and his secretary of state are [inaudible] the same page. they see this conflict differently. they see lots of things differently. whether or not secretary tillerson called his boss a
3:21 pm
moron, of course the secretary's office has denied that, there's clearly not a meeting of the minds on this and other issues. just this weekend president trump tweeted that even though he was a fine secretary of state he was perhaps a little too soft. i think the president is sending a signal to his secretary of state that he better get on the same page as him. unless this is a good cop bad cop routine, in which case it's part of a tactic that we hope is undermined by a strategy the two that has been considered. getting back to the new notion of regime change, if he is out does the president, out looking like the biggest problem solver ever? >> it would go a long way to easing the concerns that americans and american allies in
3:22 pm
the region have about what kim jong-un is up to and what he wants to accomplish. regime change is tricky. the one question i keep asking my cia and diplomatic friends in south korea francis, what happens if kim jong-un goes? who succeeds him? we'll get someone who is better than kim jong-un? will the regime be perpetuated in another unpredictable form? no one seems to know the answers. that should worry us about american intelligence that we don't seem to know what's going on inside the regime. >> arthel: those were my two questions which will leave is where does this leave what happens next. we'll leave that for everyone to figure out, hopefully sooner rather than later. >> well, i'll be going to south korea myself in a week. i hope to bring back answers for you.
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>> arthel: very good. we look forward to finding out what you discover on your trip. thank you very much. >> will look forward to that. >> eric: tensions are spiking in spain. amid the country's worst political crisis there decades, hundreds of thousands of people rally protesting the catalans government push to secede from the country. this, one week after they held a referendum with spain's highest court ruled illegal. both sides appear to be on a collision course that could split the nation. john huddy is fine with the latest. >> spee-03 spain's high court is you just mentioned says that if catalonia is parliament holds a session today that would be illegal as well. there remains the big question, if that happens catalonia and officials last week said the special session would be held in the declaration of independence
3:24 pm
would happen. were hearing now that could happen on tuesday where they will address that special session of the parliament. where in the overnight hours but there is a massive demonstration rally held against the demonstration push. those in favor of a spanish unity here best salon took to the streets. this was the opposite of what we saw when they were rallying and holding demonstrations. we talk to people here throughout the day, those against this independence pushed in the concern is that if it does happen it could throw the region into chaos both politically and economically. it's a spirited and passionate debate. as we go through a new day that will likely continue. as far as the spanish government
3:25 pm
said, if the declaration of independence is made that span could exert its authority by taking control of the region possibly invoking article 155 of the country's constitution allowing the spanish government to take control. that remains uncertain. one thing is for sure, this remains a spirited, passionate and historic debate. >> it could cause chaos. we'll see how this one falls. thank you. >> the fbi discovered $90000 in the freezer of his virginia home. now the 2009 corruption case is back in the spotlight after the judge ordered his early release. the legal panel is here to discuss why and what the legal implications are. unlimited 2% cash back
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>> arthel: president trump isn't giving up on trying to pass his agenda to make it on his campaign promises. after republicans failed to repeal and replace obama care mr. trump said he's open to making a deal the democrats. gop lawmakers are working on a major tax reform measure hoping to score a much-needed legislative win. kristin has more. >> at the same time president trump is trying to cut a deal with democrats is also chipping away at the signature health care law. the latest example of the is an executive order to be signed this week that would expand option for americans by coverage on their or work for small employer. federal agencies would explore ways to loosen regulations. this comes two days after the trump administration announced
3:31 pm
her role that would expand exceptions to the affordable care act, contraceptive mandate, and one day after president trump reached out across the aisle to chuck schumer to try to cut a deal on healthcare bill. he was asked about that as he was leaving the white house today. the president said he proposed a temporary deal, one that about the government handing over money to healthcare directly to the state, in the form of block grants. >> so if we could do one or two year deal as a temporary measure, you will have block grant into the states which is what the republicans want. >> there is a precedent for a bipartisan bill, this morning on another sunday show ron johnson said he wasn't worried about it. >> you people want to do a deal to have to come through and talk to the house members to try to get what we would require to
3:32 pm
what we believe are collapsing markets under obama care. >> talk is unsettled. and at a time when president trump needs them. if he wants to pass the largest tax cuts in u.s. history. >> thank you. >> eric: after he famously was caught hiding $90000, 90 grand and his freezer, he has been set free for the time being. former congressman, william jefferson. he was convicted in 2009 for accepting more than $400,000 in exchange for brokering business deals. the judge vacated seven of the ten counts on which she was convicted in sentencing will be reheard. the question, does the ruling raise the possibility of what prosecutors say or bribes but
3:33 pm
they could actually be interpreted as legitimate payments. here's the defense attorney, member of the republican association. he 90 grand in the freezer, your intended as a bribe for the president of nigeria and now you get off scott free? >> he did five years in jail. what the judge interpreted the supreme court case, it basically says that they were sitting at meetings and advocating on behalf of someone else's not enough. it has to be in an official act for the bribery. that means voting yes for meetings. but that is not enough to convict him of bribery. in jefferson's case if he had
3:34 pm
meetings and was going to give them bribes he can't be convicted of that as a congressman? >> he can be convicted of that. he is paying for that, the court found that he still convicted on three counts stemming from $90000 a frozen money. it's the ten other counts that he was charged with the fell off because they didn't rise to the level of criminal misconduct. the judge that it constituted meetings and endorsements of products. but it didn't fall under official acts, that's what the supreme court narrowly tailored. >> how do they know the difference between what's official and what's not? >> we see this with bob menendez, the same thing to me saying i simply set up a meeting to help him. that's a story going in i didn't
3:35 pm
take any official action so it's a fine line. it's what you tell the jury that's important. that's why these cases are getting overturned is because the jury instructions are incorrect. you have to say it has to be an official act connected to the money. >> eric: he's trying to help the dr. apparently with the charge. sophie says he's my friend but there's evidence to show that he interfered or tried to pressure government agencies,. >> if that is proven then he will be convicted of those charges. it is are you using your influence or any capacity of your role in government as a public official to conduct this business in exchange money for votes.
3:36 pm
falls under the public corruption statute. if your louise on setting up a meeting and endorsing, that is not enough, there has to be more. >> it is quid pro quo. >> eric: and then to make it all legal, he was convicted of making a few million dollars from an insurance company that got thrown out, does this man like the politicians can make as much money as they possibly want if they crafted in a certain way? >> it's a more difficult case, it's a more narrow definition of what constitutes corruption and an official act. it's tougher for the government to go after politicians. >> it's about being artistic with your advocacy. >> and that's what it boils down to, it may be unethical but it's
3:37 pm
not criminal. >> one for state senator came to visit the asphalt contractor gave me 25000 in cash,. >> first was violating election law because he can have that you have to claim it. >> but he was advocating as a private citizen on behalf of highway authority. >> that's a criticism we been given but he could say i'm consulting. >> you cannot put cash. >> although facts can before the jury and the jury will make that determination what does that mean,. >> you have to give the jury the proper instruction. >> george washington wrote the book, and he said i see my
3:38 pm
opportunities and i took him. these politicians are going to get crafty. not cash. >> arthel: thank you. a new report from the florida sheriff's office is giving us details about a deadly shooting at fort lauderdale airport. the report said delta airline page the shooter to pick up his baguette a service desk after he waited several minutes at a baggage claim carousel. that they contained a gun which please say he used to kill five people and injure six more. they don't say whether any personal knew what was in the bag. the accused gunman is pleading not guilty to 22 charges, including murder. >> eric: coming up, first in hollywood. why face -based film star in a
3:39 pm
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>> that's a scene from the new film, question of faith. the first major faith-based film to be shown on capitol hill and produced by an african-american woman. actors can feel joins me now. she's the star of the tv shows facts of life and living single and his star of question of faith. >> hello, good to see. listen, many projects are pitch to you. i want to task, how far into the pictures script for this were you when you set i have to do this. >> i was about one third of the way through reading the script and i thought i really want to play tresa, she's a collection of complexity. i felt as an actor it would allow me the option to stretch out and do some top-notch work and challenge me creatively and as an actor. when i got through the entire
3:45 pm
script and all of the touch points and takeaways, i knew i wanted to be a part of it. >> arthel: there's so much to like about this film, what you like most about it? what are some of the takeaways for you. >> what i love the most is how real the characters are. the fact that even though it's a faith family film, it's really about humanity. whether you have specific faith, no faith, a little bit, or a lot, it's the core of the humanity of these human beings who deal with tragedy, anger, frustration and the things that everyone deals with and goes through regardless of the color of your skin, your economic status, what faith you may or may not happen that was the most important thing about the project. >> arthel: i love that it's about who we are as humans at
3:46 pm
the core and not the other layers we carry. amid talk about how you and your past in your career, you graduate from pepperdine broadcast journalism. you've continued acting. you began directing early in your career, i wanted to ask you, is your dedication to being good at your craft versus simply being in front of the camera, one of the reasons you're still standing today. >> it totally about being dedicated to the craft. it's not about being on camera because there's time when i'm [inaudible] camera in the projects are there. even as a child it was about being dedicated to the work. i'm dedicated to be in great at what i do and working on projects that give me the opportunity to show the gift and talents i've been blessed to have. >> arthel: nellis get to your faith. your mother and still values on
3:47 pm
you, she kept you in line but as an adult, how much do you attribute your faith to the way you live your life and your continued success? >> i give god the glory for everything you have an have been blessed with. even the challenges and rough times. it's a part of who i am as a wife and mom and entrepreneur. every bit that goes into my journey helps to put 1 foot in front of the other and i truly understand where my blessings come from those who are around me and to support me and lift me up, to heal me when i am broken. and to encourage me as well.
3:48 pm
>> arthel: and you continue to encourage and inspire. a question of faith is a fantastic worth with the much-needed message for all of us in the world as a whole. is there anything you're working on that you want to tell us about? >> other than making sure everybody gets to go out and see the movie, "a question of faith". a friend of mine said we all need this. essentially it feels like it's a feel-good movie of the year from the standpoint of it covering so many things yet we all have a sense of unity. and the diversity that's a part of the film. aside from making sure the film the successful, my autobiography comes out november 14th and that's called "blessed life". i'm grateful to share other stores that have been a part of my life and memories.
3:49 pm
some of the good times and not so good times all-in-one. >> arthel: we will have you back to talk about your book and the stories you will share with us. i want to encourage everybody to go see the movie. it's a very great movie with a great message. nice to see you. >> eric: thousands very special. will a decorated former navy seal who served in vietnam honored several presidents with a special handmade gift. he will do the same for his latest inspiration, the current commander-in-chief. filed a claim, but... you know how they send you money to cover repairs and... they took forever to pay you, right? no, i got paid right away, but... at the very end of it all, my agent... wouldn't even call you back, right? no, she called to see if i was happy. but if i wasn't happy with my claim experience for any reason, they'd give me my money back, no questions asked. can you believe that? no. the claim satisfaction guarantee, only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it.
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>> eric: one of our nation'sfirl talents and his coming out of semi retirement for president trump. after he served his country he taught himself the art of glass carving. the two-time purple heart recipient would later give his first class presidential seal to president reagan himself. now, he hopes to honor the current occupant. >> john said he knew president trump would win from the note moment he announced his campaign. despite health issues he worked
3:54 pm
tirelessly to create a gift for man who has given him hope. >> the man woke something up in me. he's for the people. >> john believes in president trump, so much so he created a hand cut for foot, 150-foot class bronze glass and bronze seal. >> this isn't the first seal he may. the 72-year-old has been carving glass for 44 years. in fact, he gifted to her president george hw bush, president ronald reagan. >> reagan put the pride back into the serviceman. >> he said after 24 years he was inspired to make his best celia for president trump. >> i have hope for him in the country. >> carving glass can take months. it begins with the drawing and
3:55 pm
ends with him suited up and carving his art. >> one mistake in the pieces gone. >> he served seven years and was a member of the nation's first navy seal team. he was awarded 22 -- including two purple hearts. >> i don't like to hear that. >> what i like to hear that? >> he said the seal is a reminder of how great america is. >> we know what this country stands for. >> we thank them for their service. presidents received thousands of gifts for your. he sent a letter booklet with photos to the white house in september. he is hoping president trump will accept the gift. >> god bless them. if the president is watching and
3:56 pm
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>> most new yorkers will not bat an eyelid if they find themselves in the same subway car superman.
4:00 pm
>> they have plenty of chances to prove that this weekend, heroes, villains, zombies and more are gathered for the comic, event, now in the 12th the are, did you see some people? >> arthel: yes. they looked great. >> nfl costumes? >> president trump is going to town on twitter escalating and issuing an warning to north korea. this is the fox report. >> present trump writing this about pyongyang. quote, presidents and their ministration have been talking to north korea for 25 years. massive amounts of money paid have not work. agreements violated before the ink was dry making fools of u.s. negotiators. sorry, but only one thing will work. that's not the only to be getting attention, the president skirted round republicans on


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